Frequently asked questions

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions below!


Can my child participate in a trial lesson? Cost?

Trial lessons are absolutely obligation free! Your child can come along for one trial of each class within their age level. There is no payment required unless you choose to enrol your child at Aspire. Contact us to book in for a trial lesson.

Can I watch my child in their dance class?

You are permitted to watch your child’s first/trial lesson, however after this parents are not generally permitted to watch Aspire dance classes. This is in order to maintain dancer concentration, focus and confidence. Exceptions can be made for some Tiny Toes ballet classes; please contact Aspire staff should you wish to watch.

End of year concert – is participating compulsory? Can my child dance?

At the conclusion of each dancing year we hold an exciting performance to display what our students have been working hard on for the duration of the year. This year the performance will be on Sunday the 26th November 2023. It is not compulsory, however we strongly encourage students to participate as it is a very exciting time of year for our students (they love to get dressed up and show off their hard work!!) and our Aspire parents LOVE watching the concert each year. Typically students perform two dances per dance genre at the concert however this can differ from year to year. Please note that enrolment dates throughout the year may affect concert participation.

Concert Costumes

We spend a lot of time searching, ordering and putting together our costumes. We also do our absolute best to ensure they are age appropriate for each group. There is no making of costumes required!

Why Do We Need Uniforms?

  • Uniforms are designed to be a safe and practical outfit to dance in
  • Wearing a uniform plays an important part in learning the discipline of dance and unity
  • By “dressing the part” a student looks, behaves and becomes a dancer enabling a sense of pride – they are now physically and mentally prepared for class
  • A uniform helps teachers see dancers’ alignment, posture, toes and more in order to make corrections when needed
  • Note: Please contact us if there are any issues – we are flexible with uniforms, for any concerns – whether it be mental, physical or financial.

Do We Offer Exams?

We currently offer in house (internal) exams for ballet and jazz. Please note exams are not currently offered for our contemporary or hip hop classes.

Examinations motivate students and are a great goal to work towards each year. Exams encourage students to strive to work harder and improve their dance technique. It can also be a great time for students to overcome nerves and step outside their comfort zone. Students receive a certificate, a medal and a rating after their exams (these are typically handed out the following term). The results also include personalised comments regarding their dance and general performance throughout the exam. Exams are not compulsory.

What Are The Fees?

Fees are charged by the term. Costume payments are added to the Term 2 and 3 invoices. Contact Miss Caitlin for a current copy of our fees.

How to Enrol?

Please contact Caitlin for our enrolment form and enrolment information. Enrolment will be confirmed after the form is received and $38.50 enrolment fee (per family per year) paid. Please note, by enrolling in our classes, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of enrolment.